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Scissor Lifting Pool Floors

Scissor-type lifting pool floors are very similar in operation to scissor lifts used in automobile workshops and access platforms used in the construction industry. It's an arrangement of crossed structural components actuated by a hydraulic ram and the whole assembly makes the movable pool floor platform rise and drop.


The entire system is made out of stainless steel to withstand the chlorinated water and the top of the platform can be finished in tile or stone to the customer’s specifications. The default position for the floor in this case is at the bottom and the platform rises up to make it a usable floor at the top position.


This design allows for the most powerful lifting mechanism so it is suitable for heavy-duty use like an outdoor patio or play area, but the thickness of the platform + mechanism is in excess of 600mm and we don’t like to use more than two scissor jack arrangements in one floor so it is only suitable for new build pools up-to 50 sqm.


The amount of stainless steel needed to be combined with complex engineering and fabrication requirements drive the price higher on these systems, but the added load-bearing capacity makes it worth the price.

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