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Roll-on Roll-off Pool Decks

Rolling pool decks are the most basic type of rigid pool covers. These are simple robust pool deck systems that are most suitable for existing outdoor pools, provided you have enough space next to the pool for the floor to roll onto. Simply put, these are platforms on wheels, but obviously being used in a pool setting these are dressed up rather nicely in timber or any other lightweight material and there are safety measures in place to prevent any part of the body from getting trapped in between the wheels and rails.


As rolling pool decks are almost always fitted on outdoor pools that are open and exposed to the elements, the rigid platform is made out of a stainless steel frame that runs on stainless steel guide rails, and polymer wheels ensure that the operation is silent. A simple 24V waterproof motor is attached to a couple of the drive wheels through reduction gears. Perhaps the most complicated part of the mechanism is the control system that is operated via a touchpad.

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