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Floating Movable Pool Floors

Floating movable pool floors work with a similar system of ram, pulleys, and cables, but rather than the suspended platform being pulled up to convert the pool to a solid floor, the floating platform is pulled down by the cables to make it a pool. The lifting pool floor is again a platform made out of a stainless steel structure, but the thickness of the entire arrangement is between 600mm and 750mm with buoyancy chambers fitted within the structure to make it float in the water.


The default position of the floor is at the top of the pool and to lower the floor a hydraulic ram pulls the floor down through the pool water and when the floor reaches the bottom, you have a fully functional pool. The moving floor can be stopped at any depth to use the pool for a variety of functions.


The two main benefits of this system are that all the moving parts stay below the floor in all stages of operation so the pool looks like a conventional pool with no visible cables, and since we can calibrate the buoyancy and ram power rating to compensate for each other, you can have a tiled finish on the pool floor that matches the pool surround.


With the floating floor system, the buoyancy achieved is directly proportional to the size of the platform, so these floors are suitable for pools up to 300 sqm in size, but given the platform thickness of up to 750mm, these are only suitable for new build pools.

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