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Suspended Moving Pool Floors

The suspended movable pool floor is a platform made out of a stainless steel structure and the top is usually made out of waterproof timber like IPE to keep the floor lightweight. The whole arrangement is suspended from the top of the pool walls by stainless steel cables and the default position of the floor is at the bottom. To raise the floor a hydraulic ram, or in the case of very small pools a mechanical screw, pulls the floor up through the pool water using a sophisticated system of pulleys and when the floor reaches the top it can be locked into position by manually or hydraulically operated ‘through the wall’ locking pins.


As this lifting pool floor is just a platform with a thickness of about 300mm or so, the system is suitable for new pools as well as existing pools, but since the cables have to take the entire weight of the platform + finishes and also cope with the water resistance while the floor is in operation, it is only suitable for pools up to 36 sqm water surface area.


One more point worth mentioning here is that since the floor is suspended by cables from the top, you will always see the cables in the pool, although they can be camouflaged by installing them in  stainless steel recessed channel guides and choosing the pool finish so that they don’t stand out much. Also this is the only system that has no moving component below the pool floor so is easily serviceable.

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