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Push Chain Moving Pool Floors

The push-chain is a drive system used in movable swimming pool floors that allows a horizontal motion to be converted into a vertical motion. Since this type of system doesn’t require much vertical space, it can easily be used in existing pools.


The push-chain can only bend in one direction so by positioning two push-chains opposite each other and connecting the movable floor laterally, a stable hoisting system can be created. The push chain is self-locking and easy to maintain, and because only the bases of the push chain are located on the pool bottom, it is also a very easy-to-clean system.


The drive uses a 24v electric motor that powers a spindle. An actuator nut, which is powered by the spindle, is fixed to the end of the push-chain allowing it to move back and forth. The motor is housed in a waterproof casing underwater, with the additional protection offered by pressurised air.


Suitable for pools up to 60 sqm, these systems tend to be more expensive than floating floors and scissor lift floors, but if you have an existing pool, these usually turn out to be very effective arrangements within a limited space.

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