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Spiral Lifting Pool Floors

Spiral lift movable pool floor systems are a relatively new technology and are the most suitable for large pools with irregular shapes. The lifting mechanism uses the principle of a helical band actuator which is a complex and specialized linear actuator used extensively in stage lifts and material handling lifts. The actuator forms a high-capacity telescoping tubular column with lifting capacities up to 10,000 kg per actuator and floor travel of up to 5 meters in wet conditions.


Apart from the actuators, the rest of the assembly is fairly similar to the scissor lift systems but the main advantage is that there is no hydraulics involved. So, hypothetically these are relatively maintenance free and unlike hydraulic systems, these do not suffer from platform drift because they are rigid mechanical devices. Platform drift is the tendency of a platform to lower due to depressurization of the hydraulic system over time.


These floors are the most expensive to install but, as mentioned above, are fairly simple to maintain. And, with the right mechanical design, can be used for pools of any size and shape.

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