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Homeowners, we give you transparency, predictability and reliability.

As a homeowner, especially if you have built your home from scratch or done some refurbishment to it, you would have dealt with enough tradesmen and builders to understand that it is extremely hard to pin them down to their initial specifications or quotes, there are always escalations and you end up paying considerably more than the contract price. Even if there have been no major changes. ​We aim to put an end to that, all our specification and tender documents are extremely detailed and itemised, so you know how much you are paying for the concrete, water proofing, tiling etc and you can also make any changes that you want before you place the order. Once the contract is signed, there are no hidden costs and no escalations.

Our strength lies in having a thorough knowledge of everything involving the construction of a swimming pool. Our clients usually give us a brief or an example of what they want and leave the rest to us. We then find the best solution, keeping in mind the site conditions, schedule, budget etc, and prepare all the details.


Then we sign a fixed price contract that is really ‘fixed price’.

Architects, we push boundaries, validate ideas and save your time.

Architects would be relieved to know that we have worked on some of the complex and dare we say challenging swimming pool projects with some of London’s finest architects and landscapers. While we have designed and installed lavish large pools for properties that are worth more than £25M, we have also put pools in basements where there is barely a place to stand. We are confident that with our knowledge of pool construction, and also H&V systems, we can put pools in places where most other companies can’t.


We also know that clients come full of ideas and it is then the responsibility of the architect to make them happen. Precious billable hours can be lost trying to find solutions that elude constantly. Since our team has been involved with hundreds of indoor and outdoor pool designs, we have developed a very instinctive sense of technical design that immediately tells us what will fundamentally work and what won’t. This helps us in understanding ‘what’ is to be achieved, even before we come to the ‘how’.


Basically, when you speak, we listen intently and also read between the lines. Period.

Developers and main contractors, we give you control on the project budget and timelines.

Dear developers and contractors, AQUA SPAZIO is a company run by engineers who are pool designers by heart – so we are more than happy to provide specialist services to main contractors, and assist them in doing as much work as they can. This gives them an opportunity to use existing on-site resources to do the heavy lifting work, and leaves only the highly technical bits to us, saving money in the process.

Whether you are renovating a house or building a new one, chances are that there would be a  ground-works contractor on-site to do the foundations, who can easily dig the pool out and put the concrete shell in. If there is a basement being built or renovated then there is also a good chance that a  waterproofing company would be on site to waterproof the pool. Most reasonably good builders employ a team of renderers, tilers, and finishers – again useful for tiling the pool up. The boiler guy can also install the primaries for the heat exchanger and we can even guide the on-site electrician to sort out the pool lights and control panel.


This leaves us to design and install just the filtration and water treatment, and since we provide a complete breakdown of the scope of work, you can change your mind and instruct us to do less or more in a transparent way.

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